Antíparos, GR 21 C

Enjoy your holidays on Antiparos island

Antiparos port

Not so long ago Antiparos, Greece, was a sleepy tranquil island known mainly for its impressive cave. Whilst away from the town the tranquillity remains, Antiparos Island nowadays enjoys a cosmopolitan nightlife scene that rivals (some would say exceeds), that of its nearby neighbour. Years ago going out in Antiparos Town meant having a meal at a taverna, a few drinks in the main square and listening to out of date music at one of the handfuls of music bars.

Main Market Street

That’s still possible of course but these days there are many more alternatives. Along the seafront, you’ll still find mainly traditional food, but if you head up the main street which is only about 100 metres from your hotel in Antiparos, a whole world of cuisine is on offer. Pizza and pasta, Indian, Far Eastern, Modern European. Upmarket Greek… you’ll find it all here. There are also a couple of very good souvlaki shops for those on a tighter budget.

Away from the nightlife, Antiparos island has much to offer. The beaches are some of the best in the Aegean, and many are within easy walking distance of your Antiparos hotel. Further away the beaches of Apandima, Soros and Agios Giorgos, are well worth a visit, as is Livadia beach on the western coast.
The cave in the mountains above has been famous for centuries, not least for its impressive stalactites and stalagmites and historical graffiti.

Antiparos Venetian Castro

From the south of Antiparos island, it’s possible to visit the neighbouring islet of Despotiko, one of the most important archaeological sites in all of Greece.
For sea enthusiasts, Antiparos has a professional diving centre offering dives at beautiful sites, such as an underwater cave, a shipwreck and more. Also, daily cruises around the island are available every day, so you can discover all the secret beauties of Antiparos!

The temple of Apollo in Despotiko