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Antiparos Hotel Begleri
hotel begleri antiparos

Stylish, traditional, holiday accommodation in Antiparos, Greece.

Antiparos Hotel Begleri offers a wide range of accommodation just a few meters from the beach and Antiparos’ village centre.


Antiparos Hotel Begleri is a small and stylish and provides holiday accommodation in family apartments for 4-5 and in double/twin rooms, all decorated in the traditional Cycladic style. The famed nightlife of Antiparos Island is only a few minutes walk away, as is the beautiful beach of Psaraliki; yet, the hotel is located in a quiet residential area ensuring guests have a peaceful and relaxing stay.
Hotel owners, Klery and Olympia, both locals, can give the best insider’s information about Antiparos Island. The hotel guests return year after year drawn by the warm welcome and outstanding service, often becoming like family.

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Not so long ago Antiparos, Greece, was a sleepy tranquil island known mainly for its impressive cave. Whilst away from the town the tranquillity remains, Antiparos Island nowadays enjoys a cosmopolitan nightlife scene that rivals (some would say exceeds), that of its nearby neighbour. Years ago going out in Antiparos Town meant having a meal at a taverna, a few drinks in the main square and listening to out of date music at one of the handfuls of music bars.

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